Shamanic trance dance takes us on powerful shamanic journey of discovery…

Shamanic trance dance Shamanic trance dance applies effective ancient and innovative techniques that naturally and safely moves one into a ‘trance’ state of consciousness, where it becomes possible to enter the mysterious hidden world of spirit, to discover visions, guidance, wisdom, healing, empowerment, beauty and magic!

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The roots of shamanic trance dance echo back to our distant past to a time when humanity lived and worked with the land honoured the earth element and thrived on traditional medicine, traditional healers and the ways of shamanism.

Shamanic trance dance

Imagine ancient ancestors ceremonially dancing in the dark of night around the sacred Fire, with the intention to perceive the world of spirit, dance for visions, lift up their prayers to the Great Spirit and make contact with their power animals and spirit guides to seek guidance on their pathway ahead.

Shamans and ancient people used ‘trance’ induced by the rhythm of shamanic drumming, or repetitive chanting and clapping to enter these inner hidden realms of ‘Spirit’, That dwell within Great Mystery known as the ‘Dreamtime.’

Shamanic trance dance

Shamanic trance dance is a contemporary ritual with ancient roots, held in a sacred space, accompanied by dynamic tribal rhythms, the beat of the drum, and nature sounds.

shamanic trance dance

‘In the course of my own journey with the shamanic trance dance ritual I have discovered and explored my heart in a deeply profound way, I have become more authentic, confident and capable of living my truth and experience a heightened sense of fulfilment and joy in my life.’ Zelia Pye.  Read Zelia’s story…..

Shamanic trance dance

Participate in a Shamanic Trance Dance ritual and re-establish a full connection with the voice of your heart, remember the wisdom of your soul and feel the earth beneath your feet!

Zelia your guide and guardian welcomes you to read on and continue ….