Extraordinary Benefits of Shamanic Trance Dancing!

Shamanic Trance Dance has extraordinary benefits! …. Pursuing the practice of Shamanic Trance Dance opens the door to seeing and experiencing life with a much broader perspective and encountering the Muiti dimensional aspects of physical and non physical reality, reconnecting

Wishing You A Magical Night! And a Good Celebration of your Ancestors!

Samhain Blessings! Honouring The Day of The Dead! Giving thanks for this day of remembering our Ancestors! Of remembering all those you have walked before us, so we can be here now and experience life! Thank you to our Mothers

Our Tribe is Growing!!! Welcoming 5 Beautiful New Shamanic Trance Dance Guide and Guardians! Aho!

I am very happy to welcome five beautiful new Shamanic Trance Dance Guides and Guardians to our growing tribe. I am so proud of Olivia, Blanka, Nic, Naomi and Lousie, who gave 100% of themselves during the Shamanic Trance Dance

Delighted to Welcome 3 New Guides and Gaurdians!

I am feeling delighted to announce that we now have 3 new guides and guardians. After 9 days of deep immertion in the Shamanic Trance Dance Training, exploring the wisdom, reciving the insight, understanding and realisation of all that’s involved

The Healing Power of Dance

This is an amazing story about a courageous man, who at a very difficult time in his life suffering from Dystonia, a physically debilitating disease, discovered the power of dance and its ability to heal. A very inspiring watch! I

Shamanic Trance Dance Training Prep is underway!

Preparations are well underway here at Tribal Hearts for the Shamanic Trance Dance Guide and Guardian Training beginning on the 20th April. I am looking forward to magical and transformative 9 days. Initiating new guides and guardians and sharing wisdom

Sacred Hoop Dance

Kevins scared hoop dance is well worth seeing, he creates amazing animal formations in his dance. I saw him live once at Glastonbury festival, really mesmerising! There are usually 28 hoops used in the hoop dance, and they symbolize “a

The most powerful and effective Life changer- The secret to a happy life!

By using this powerful and effective secret, you can be a life changer now! The key to creating and maintaining positive life change is simple… However it does require an important daily commitment.. Lucky the commitment is fun and fulfilling

Spring Special Offer!

Seize the moment,..The time is now ! Spring into action, Sign up for the Shamanic Trance Dance Training – April 20th – 30th Special Offer £50 discount until 6th March Actualise your potential! Come and Dance the Magic into your

Activate your Intuition!

Do you Listen to your intuition? How many times have you known something and not acted on it? Only to find out later that following what you felt would have been a good idea! How many times has your intuition

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