Shamanic Adventures!

Our Shamanic Adventures

Winter Solstice Blessings to One and All

Aho Brothers and Sisters, Celebrating the Power of the Dark and Light, on this long Night of Winter Solstice. Welcoming in the light to shine on our visions for the coming year, as the solar trumpets herald new beginnings. May

The Tipi Temple is up!

Preparations are underway for this summers shamanic trance dance events. One of my great joys in life is creating sacred spaces, and our new home of 12 1/2 acres has given my husband Tom and I lots of space to

Thanks and Praise for Sunshine Tipi Sailing this Summer!

Giving thanks for the great summer we just had in England! We really enjoyed sailing our tipi in Devon and at the whirly fare once again, We were blessed with sunshine and the good company of friends that visited! Giving

Heart felt blessing and gratitude to all who visited us in our Tipi Chill Out space at the Whirly Farye!

We have had a really wonderful weekend at the Whirly Farye, Surrounded by positive vibes and open hearted people of all ages and places! We listened and danced so some amazing and innovative music, Most of all we loved sitting

Tipi Temple is up and sailing!

Our Tipi Temple Earth Ship has set sail in a beautiful field in Devon! For the next 5 weeks we look forward to welcoming friends old and new, as we open the door to the world of shamanic wisdom and

Tipi Temple is going up!

Hey! Its a glorious sunny day! A perfect day to put up our Tipi Temple! Ready for our 5 day Shamanic trance dance medicine wheel, and other magical happenings!

We made back to uk! And the sun is shining! Yay!

Feeling the Green! The green rolling hills are so alive with vibrancy, This island certainly has a beautiful display of mothers Earths bounty, We have arrived in Devon and are surrounded by lush, green, overflowing flora and fauna. We are

On the road! England here we come!

We are currently on the road driving up though France, after a wonderful and fruitful time in Catalonia Spain, we have enjoyed so many blessings, magical moments and treats! The sun is shining, it’s glorious weather and we are asking

Magical Solstice Celebrations!

Summer Solstice Adventures! Grandmothers full moon shone in all her magnificence, cascading her silvery light over the ocean, illuminating the waves as they rhythmically came in to the shore, A glorious night … bathed by Luna in the sanctuary of Earth

Just Married! And in Divine Bliss!

Hello Freinds, Just got married! I am Flying high with feet planted on mountain soil! Our tribal marriage ceremony was most incredible night of my life! Filled with sacredness, beauty, and the deepest love, moving beyond words! Sincere Gratitude to

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