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Thank you Buddhafield!

  I have just returned back home to my little small holding in the Mattarana mountains in North East Spain, after a truly wonderful and magical time at the Buddhafield festival in the UK. The theme for this years festival

Thank you to all, for a wonderful night!

We had a fantastic Shamanic Trance Dance in Valderrobres on Saturday night, we danced into the ‘Dreamtime’, accompanied by the 7 sacred directions and our spirit guides and allies. We journeyed deep to tribal sounds and strong ryhums, and lifted

Dancing with the Mystery

In ancient times, in many cultures all over the world, the people would make a ritual and dance into a trance, with intention to the rhythm of the drum. They would ritual dance as a way to connect with the

Giving thanks for the power of Dance!

Shamanic Trance Dance ritual celebrates all that we are, in all our colours, all that we have been and all that we are becoming! Dancing with the rhythm with life! As we Dance into trance, we let go of the

Shamanic Trance Dance in Beautiful Medieval Spanish Town Vaderobbres!

I am so happy to be holding a Shamanic trance dance ritual in my new local town Valderrobres! On the 25th of March, nice time for a spring celebration dance! Valderobbres is set high in the Matarrana mountains, surrounded by

New Year! New Moon! Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual Barcelona!

I am delighted to be returning to Barcelona at the end of the month for New Moon shamanic trance dance rituals. By popular demand we are holding two rituals, the first ritual will be in the afternoon and includes a special sacred

Thank you to the beautiful hearts in Barcelona for such a warm welcome!

Giving thanks for an amazing shamanic trance dance last night in Barcelona! Giving thanks to all the beautiful people who joined us in the ritual, Giving thanks to the guardian spirits of the 7 directions For empowering our spirits For

We are looking forward to danceing in Barcelona next weekend 3rd December

Time to breathe.. Time to Dance.. Time to awaken .. Time to remember… Time to shake things up and stir the embers… Feel the magic, look into the history, Invoke your spirit guides to reveal the mystery. ” Join us

Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual Comes to Barcelona!

I have been carrying the seed dream of holding Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual in Barcelona for the past couple of years, my inspiration came when visited this amazingly vibrant and colourful city. Now my dream is taking shape, I am

Barcelona Dreams are coming True!

Shamanic Trance Dance Coming to Barcelona! Today I am celebrating and Giving thanks! For what started as a dream is now becoming a reality, thanks to the wild and wonderful sincronisitys and orchestrations that Great Spirit creates on my path! The

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