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Welcoming New Shamanic Trance Dance Guides and Guardians!

I am very happy to welcome six new Shamanic Trance Dance guides and guardians to our growing tribe, we are reaching out far and wide as Shamanic Trance Dance steps into becoming an international phenomena. It was wonderful to welcome

Humanity is Waking Up!

All eyes are on those who are standing up for life on Earth this week, David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion, all bringing attention to the responsibilities of the human race that can no longer be ignored. The great awakening

Our Tribe is Growing!!! Welcoming 5 Beautiful New Shamanic Trance Dance Guide and Guardians! Aho!

I am very happy to welcome five beautiful new Shamanic Trance Dance Guides and Guardians to our growing tribe. I am so proud of Olivia, Blanka, Nic, Naomi and Lousie, who gave 100% of themselves during the Shamanic Trance Dance

Delighted to Welcome 3 New Guides and Gaurdians!

I am feeling delighted to announce that we now have 3 new guides and guardians. After 9 days of deep immertion in the Shamanic Trance Dance Training, exploring the wisdom, reciving the insight, understanding and realisation of all that’s involved

Shamanic Trance Dance Training Prep is underway!

Preparations are well underway here at Tribal Hearts for the Shamanic Trance Dance Guide and Guardian Training beginning on the 20th April. I am looking forward to magical and transformative 9 days. Initiating new guides and guardians and sharing wisdom

Thanks and Praise for Sunshine Tipi Sailing this Summer!

Giving thanks for the great summer we just had in England! We really enjoyed sailing our tipi in Devon and at the whirly fare once again, We were blessed with sunshine and the good company of friends that visited! Giving

Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual In Brighton next Saturday 3rd September 2016

Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual In Brighton next Saturday 3rd September 2016

Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual In Brighton next Saturday 3rd September 2016 Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual With Zelia There has been a good response for this event, there are still a few places left, It would be great to have a full

Tipi Temple is up and sailing!

Our Tipi Temple Earth Ship has set sail in a beautiful field in Devon! For the next 5 weeks we look forward to welcoming friends old and new, as we open the door to the world of shamanic wisdom and

Tipi Temple is going up!

Hey! Its a glorious sunny day! A perfect day to put up our Tipi Temple! Ready for our 5 day Shamanic trance dance medicine wheel, and other magical happenings!

We made back to uk! And the sun is shining! Yay!

Feeling the Green! The green rolling hills are so alive with vibrancy, This island certainly has a beautiful display of mothers Earths bounty, We have arrived in Devon and are surrounded by lush, green, overflowing flora and fauna. We are

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