Dancing with the Mystery

Shamanic Trance Dance
In ancient times, in many cultures all over the world, the people would make a ritual and dance into a trance, with intention to the rhythm of the drum. They would ritual dance as a way to connect with the Great spirit and Great Mystery, to seek and receive visions, guidance, knowledge, wisdom and healing directly from the Great Creator. Through this process they gained a deep understanding of cycles in nature, and honoured Mother Earth, father sky, and the 4 directions of air, fire, water, and Earth. They saw these elements as life givers, spiritual allies and teachers.

Shamanic trance dance is the shamanism for our time, that supports our earth walk, enabling us to see who we are, where we are going, and who we are becoming.

Shamanic trance dance is a powerful, transformational dance ritual. Initiating profound change, deep insight, self realisation, and healing.

check out our coming ritual events for July 2017 we have rituals happening in Devon, Somerset and Valderrobres- Spain


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Dancing with the Mystery

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