Further Development

Zelia has developed a series of expansive programs for those who:

Shamanic trance dance~ Wish to journey deeper with the shamanic trance dance process.

~ Would like to develop their understanding of shamanism through direct experience.

~ Are looking to evolve their conscious awareness and bring about self realisation.

~ Need to heal ‘trauma’ and find a new path in life.

~ Know it’s time to step into their power.

~ Desire to live a life that is balanced and authentic.

~ Are searching for their truth and a deeper understanding of life.

~ Feel the call to become a shamanic trance dance guide and guardian and offer this profound work to others.

Expansive Programs:

Shamanic Trance Dance Weekend
‘The Key of Life’

The Way Back To Wholeness
‘Finding The Lost Pieces Of Self’

Shamanic Trance Dance Guide And Guardian Training
9 Day Certificated Training.

Zelia has loving made the Tribal Hearts Tipi Camp, which creates the ideal environment for this deep work and connection with nature. 
These profoundly healing and insightful shamanic explorations take place in Zelia’s Tipi Temple.

Shamanic trance dance