Tribal Family Gathering

Shamanic trance dance

Shamanic Trance Dance Guide & Guardian 

Tribal Family Gathering

12th to 17th June 2019

I have been very inspired these days, putting plans in place for our first shamanic trance dance guide and guardian gathering! Yay! Feeling Really Exited!

I am sitting in the Tipi Temple as I write this, a Dragonfly has just come and landed on me!
So I guess this is a good sign for our gathering!

Thank you Great Spirit!

Shamanic trance dance

So plans are afoot for a Summer Gathering !!!

Where guides and guardians get to hang out together, share our stories, insights and songs around the fire, make food together, and have plenty of opportunity to shamanic trance dance!

I was also thinking it would be nice to create a Trading Post!
If you have things you would like sell?
Bring them to either exchange or sell for currency!
Its good to create a way, to help cover costs!

Its my wish to keep the costs to a minimum,
So everyone can afford to come, there are three options:

1st option is shared tipi accommodation
which is the usual £20 per night
£15 per day for food,
For 5 nights the total is £175 (deposit £58)

2nd Option is bring your own tent
And camp for £5 per night
£15 per day for food,
For 5 nights the total is £100 (deposit £33)

3rd Option is single tipi ( limited number of 2 single Tipis for this option)
£25 per night
£15 per day for food,
For 5 nights total £225 (deposit £75)

Please book well in advance for this event, tipi accommodation is on a first come first serve basis.

A non refundable deposit of which ever option you choose is required to reserve your place.

I am so looking forward to having the opportunity for everyone in the Shamanic Trance Dance Tribe to meet up!

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