Feeling Renewed After the Shamanic Trance Dance Last Night

It was wonderful to share sacred space again with fellow brothers and sisters from the magical mountain portal of Matarrana last night.

We journeyed deep into the Great Mystery, supported by our ancestors and spirit guides. we lifted up our prayers to great spirit, giving them life through our  dance and breath.

Opening ourselves wide to receive the messages we were ready to hear, and wisdom we were ready to understand.

The soft wind of Great Spirit blew Through, carrying on its wings new light, inspiration and revelation.

As the journey came to a close, peace filled the space, on return as we sat  together again, after our inner exploration, our eyes shone with new  knowing.

Sending Big Thank you’s to all who came and participated.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin



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Feeling Renewed After the Shamanic Trance Dance Last Night

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