Monthly Medicine

I love this ‘monthly medicine’ I found on ‘of the Wolves’ web site.

March is a spiral by Lindsay Mack


March is the end of a cycle. It’s a really, really big deal, and it’s going to feel pretty intense and powerful. It’s an amazing ending though, one we can trust. We are moving through a big Pisces New Moon Eclipse in a week or so, as well as moving into Spring and a new Equinox. It’s a big time, ripe and perfect for shedding deeply. We’re moving from seed to blossom this month. The key is to lean into the Spiralic change, allowing it to birth us into the next phase of our karma.
Last month had a lot to do with karma, too. It was prepping us for this month, where everything will really set. Self-love and self-care are now no longer options — they are requirements, and non-negotiables. A lot of old shit came up and out in February to make room for these new shifts and downloads, especially facilitated by the Full Moon in Virgo, which was particularly intense. We might have moved through some big fears and overwhelm in February, besieged by old traumas, emotions and situations that we perhaps thought we were done with. Another turn on the Spiral; never going backward, only releasing a little more shrapnel from those things that don’t serve us. We’re getting cleared out. Everything is changing. We may be moving through some big career changes, identity changes, life changes. So many people are releasing the need to define themselves; they’re moving into just doing THEM. This is so good and aligned! The planet needs US, not a squeezed in, dropped down version of us.
To do US, we have to know ourselves, love ourselves. This is a potent birth, and it’s bringing us through some big unknowns. All good, all safe, all perfect. All in service of taking us to a much better place in our lives. We are clearing out all of the gunk. We are seeing, getting super clear on what we want and what we don’t want. It’s time for a new way.
The first week and a half of March is going to be a big emotional clearing, all so that we can release in time for the Pisces New Moon Eclipse on the 8th. We can help this along by moving our bodies — that is EXTREMELY important for us this month. Whether light or intensive, let your body move and help to get all of this old stuff out, making space for the fresh and the new.
The Spiral is the wisdom that nothing ends and nothing begins. We don’t have to fear it — whether we are aware of it, we’re actually moving through this Spiral all the time! Now we get to be intentional about it. The opportunity for March is the willingness to bow and let go of WHATEVER we don’t want to take with us on the next turn of the wheel. No judgement, no problem. Stay completely out of story — stay present and get really clear.

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Monthly Medicine

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