The most powerful and effective Life changer- The secret to a happy life!

Shamanic trance dance

By using this powerful and effective secret, you can be a life changer now!

The key to creating and maintaining positive life change is simple…

However it does require an important daily commitment..

Lucky the commitment is fun and fulfilling

 And is done in one easy step…

The special secret is…

To purposely remember the things you are GRATEFULL for in your life EVERY DAY!

Wow! Is it really that simple?

Yes it is!

And here’s how!

Ancient wise peoples knew, that in order to be the creators of their lives, they needed to create and maintain a positive vibration. I believe this is why prayer was so important to them, because it not only gave them a daily gratitude ritual, but also helped them create the things they desired in life.

In those days we prayed differently…

when you go back a long way you will find, that the way we prayed was different to the way we are taught today.

These days when we pray we ask for the things we want for example..

Dear God I pray for world peace.

This sends a message to the universe that the world is not at peace and therefore continues to create the need for peace.

In the ancient way of praying the emphasis changes for example..

I give thanks for world peace,

This suggests to the universe that the world is at peace, therefore more peace is generated.

So our ancestors understood, that in order to manifest the things they needed, it was essential to act as if they already had it, that it already existed, hence being grateful for its arrival in advance.

So in order to manifest your greatest dreams and visions…

simply start by increasing your positive vibration …

By being grateful for the many blessings in your life everyday!

And when you wish to create your dreams…

Simply pray and give thanks in the old way!

Or Take it to the next level!

Bring power and success to this process….Come to our next Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual….

..Set your intention to: ‘I Walk With An Attitude of Gratitude’!..

..And watch out for the incredible results that come from this profound dance in your life!

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Better Still!… Dive Deeper…

Become a real life changer!

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Start each day in a happy way…


What are you grateful for today?

Please share in comments box!

In love with gratitude

Zelia Pye

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The most powerful and effective Life changer- The secret to a happy life!
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