Thank you Buddhafield!


I have just returned back home to my little small holding in the Mattarana mountains in North East Spain, after a truly wonderful and magical time at the Buddhafield festival in the UK.

The theme for this years festival was embracing simplicity, We held 3 shamanic trance dance rituals during the festival, and journeyed deep into the timeless inner world of the soul, and explored how we can aprouch simplicity from a shamanic perspective, in a way that can really enrich our lives.

I am deeply grateful for the heart felt feedback I received from some the people who participated!

I send so much gratitude to all who came to the rituals and to all those amazing good hearted who put so much time and energy into making the festival the amazing festival that it is!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

looking forward to bring our tipi again next year and holding more shamanic trance dance rituals.

love to all who were in the field!



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Thank you Buddhafield!

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